Holy Fool, Holy Father soon to be available in a second edition and with a new publisher!

Holy Fool, Holy Father will be released and available for pre-order on December 1, 2015 in advance of its second edition’s publication date of January 1, 2016.

After a successful first edition run with WC Publishing, the novel is coming under the publishing auspices of the Carpenter’s Son Publishing imprint of Christian Book Services, LLC. It will be available to retailers in trade paperback through STL and Ingram, and to consumers via the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Apple eBooks,  as well as wherever fine books are sold. Amazon.com will also carry the new edition trade paperback, even as they archive the WC Publishing ISBN edition.

Until December 1, 2015 the book will continue to be available via Amazon in hardcover, trade paperback and eBook under its current ISBNs. The newer edition will have undergone some light additional editing that should increase the reader’s enjoyment with this unique novel.

Additional reviews have been posted both on the Amazon site and the website; responsible feedback is always appreciated!Final_HolyFool_covers_CarpentersSon

Come and see me at the International Christian Retail Show 2015!

We’re in Orlando, Florida this coming week at the ICRS 2015 along “Author’s Row”, a new set-aside area for book authors in the Orange County Convention Center. Holy Fool, Holy Father and I – as well as my life’s helpmate, Joanne – will be in the Creative Pavilion area, booth CP28. 

We’ve got goodies to share, and would love to make your acquaintance. Show hours for this huge event (nearly a thousand pre-registered attendees) run 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, June 29th – July 1st.

Hope to see many of you there!

Nick Marziani

Blog kick-off for this new novel, questions and responsible commentary welcome!

It’s been a few weeks now since Holy Fool, Holy Father has been available through Amazon (e-Book, hardcover and softcover), and through kobo.com supported e-devices as well. My website, http://www.holyfoolholyfatherthenovel.com also contains information and background concerning this book, me as an author, and direct Shopping Cart ordering instructions.

I want this blog to be a place where the curious, the possibly (initially) scandalized, and the enthusiastic (and not so) can share thoughts and feelings about this three-year labor of love, sweat and occasional frustration.

It’s Advent Sunday, the beginning of a new liturgical year, and also an ideal beginning for the discussion of this literary first effort. One thing to note. I have been struck as I have composed this work over the past months and years at how uncannily “the real world” seems to track major themes of this book, even as I’m writing it. My writing approach is “heads-down”, I don’t look to first see what’s going on “out there” before I sit to write. Still, it’s scary to see how, indeed, truth and fiction often make for interesting bedfellows!

Hope to have more to share, and to which to respond, in coming days. Peace to one and all.