In Chicago for the BEA 2016? Come to my Book Signing

Book Expo America is coming to Chicago’s McCormick Place after a decade of exhibiting in New York, and I will be on hand Thursday, May 12th, between 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 at Table IPS B, Booth #941 (The Ingram Suites) to sign the new edition of my novel, Holy Fool, Holy Father (Carpenter’s Son Publishing, January 2016).

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Nicholas A. Marziani

Pope Francis and Patriarch Kyrill to meeting in Havana -when fiction becomes reality!

When I began writing my first novel, Holy Fool, Holy Father back in early 2011, Emeritus Pope Benedict was still occupying the See of Peter, and I was writing a book about a future Russian pope helping to coalesce the Christian world in the face of a global dystopic scenario.

And now, tomorrow, February 12th, an Argentinian pope with an Italian background is meeting for the first time in history with the spiritual leader of over 100 million Russian Orthodox Christians in Havana, on the eve of a Pan-Orthodox Synod. Not since the Great Schism that cut off the Catholic and Orthodox worlds and the subsequent founding of the Russian Orthodox Church has anything like this happened, although many popes in the 20th century had prayed and worked for such an occasion.

Holy Fool, Holy Father was conceived with this very theme in mind, and I invite serious readers interested in this topic to investigate this title, which also incorporates gender relationships, spiritual mentoring, and the Orthodox tradition of the Holy Fools. Available on Amazon, and wherever fine books are sold, proudly distributed via the Carpenter’s Son imprint through STL and Ingram.


Obama Administration concerned about threat of extreme Geomagnetic storms

In an AccuWeather, Inc. release dated Armistice Day, November 11, 2015, reference was made to “a new multi-agency initiative launched by the Obama Administration to help prepare the country for the looming threat of extreme geomagnetic storms.”

The extensive devastation potential of even a relatively recent (in long terms) recorded geomagnetic event from the 19th century would thrust entire nations and modern civilizations back into the pre-Industrial Age; or worse. It is this very real potential that pulses throughout the story of Holy Fool, Holy Father, as our co-protagonist, Misha, eventually takes over the directorship of the Vatican Observatory. His300x140_solar_flare_screen-shot-am

Front Cover of Holy Fool, Holy Father, published November 1, 2104
Front Cover of Holy Fool, Holy Father, published November 1, 2104

preparations for and response to a live event in the course of the plot constitute the Omega point for the novel.

Have a look at the book’s website,, and consider buying the book, available on Amazon and wherever fine books are sold.

“From Russia to Rome” – Indeed! Wisdom from the East.

Russian Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, speaking on behalf of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus, made his own “intervention” to the Synod Bishops of the Catholic Church in Rome, sitting in deliberation on the theme of the Christian Family.

This “Star rising from the East” had no uncertain words to share with that august body, referring directly to the Gospel allusion of the “salt” of Christian witness potentially losing its savor under the wilting influence of a contemporary culture – and church accommodation to the same – a culture utterly uninformed by the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Metropolitan Hilarion as a major hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church served to “confirm” his brethren in the faith of the fathers and mothers of distant centuries, a role generally understood to pertain to the Petrine office. Interesting. It reinforces to me the sense of real “flow” I experienced while writing Holy Fool, Holy Father, the first edition of which came out just a week shy now of one year (November 1, 2014). A second edition will be released within the next month or two under the imprint of Carpenter’s Son Publishing. Not often does so-called Christian “fiction” anticipate real world events. You may want to check out the title, available from wherever fine books are sold.

Pope Francis and the “Right of the Environment” Speech – a “Holy Fool” speaking Deep Wisdom

Pope Francis today is telling the nations of the world that there exists a “Right of the Environment” to the benefit of all earth’s inhabitants, not to be abridged by those merely seeking “selfish” gain.

In Holy Fool, Holy Father, first published nearly a year ago, my fictional pope Viktor IV also calls for an international and interreligious conference to address the need for what one Greek Orthodox scholar calls “a new asceticism.” It is gratifying to realize that, certainly in this case, truth is stranger and more wonderful than fiction – even if it’s my own fiction!

Check out Holy Fool, Holy Father, about to come under a new print publisher, and now available on Kindle as proudly enabled by Carpenter’s Son Publishing, an imprint of Christian Book Services, LLC.Final_HolyFool_covers_CarpentersSon