Pope Francis and Patriarch Kyrill to meeting in Havana -when fiction becomes reality!

When I began writing my first novel, Holy Fool, Holy Father back in early 2011, Emeritus Pope Benedict was still occupying the See of Peter, and I was writing a book about a future Russian pope helping to coalesce the Christian world in the face of a global dystopic scenario.

And now, tomorrow, February 12th, an Argentinian pope with an Italian background is meeting for the first time in history with the spiritual leader of over 100 million Russian Orthodox Christians in Havana, on the eve of a Pan-Orthodox Synod. Not since the Great Schism that cut off the Catholic and Orthodox worlds and the subsequent founding of the Russian Orthodox Church has anything like this happened, although many popes in the 20th century had prayed and worked for such an occasion.

Holy Fool, Holy Father was conceived with this very theme in mind, and I invite serious readers interested in this topic to investigate this title, which also incorporates gender relationships, spiritual mentoring, and the Orthodox tradition of the Holy Fools. Available on Amazon, and wherever fine books are sold, proudly distributed via the Carpenter’s Son imprint through STL and Ingram.


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