Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) and the novel, Holy Fool, Holy Father

Millions will be thrilled today to see the sun’s corona at eclipse totality, but did you know you can follow the story of one Jesuit astrophysicist at the Vatican Observatory as he discovers major threats to the entire global electrical and electronic infrastructure.

Check out Holy Fool, Holy Father (Carpenter’s Son Publishing, 2016) and learn how Misha Aleksandrov labors to save the earth from disaster!

John Kerry – “Learn Russian.” So, check into Holy Fool, Holy Father – and get a lesson or two!

John Kerry told Harvard graduates to “Buy Rosetta Stone and learn Russian” May 24th. Good for you, John!

But hey, check out my novel, now in its second (2016) edition, Holy Fool, Holy Father, and you’ll learn a LOT of Russian – and more! Follow an action adventure piece of Christian fiction – with liberal doses of romance, historical fiction and ecclesiastical politics thrown in – the book’s website will whet your appetite:

Happy reading – and you may want to buy that Rosetta stone product as well, all said and done! God bless.

Russia and U.S. at Crossroads -where fiction and truth may embrace

At this critical moment in time and history, the United States and Russia may be either entering a time of meaningful rapprochement after decades of lost opportunities, or what could be the “final act” that seals our mutual doom.

I agree with Dr. Williams Jeynes, a Harvard scholar and senior fellow at the Witherspoon Institute, that what we have today is not “our grandfather’s Russia.” My own visit to both St. Petersburg and Moscow in the summer of 2013 convinced me that a genuine spiritual revival is occurring there – because, and NOT in spite of, the actions and policies of the Russian Federation and its leaders.

And my 2014/2016 (2nd ed.) novel, Holy Fool, Holy Father, tells a story of a young Russian living  in Kazakhstan who participates in the early revival of Russian Orthodoxy – and more! – with the special companionship of a young woman who becomes his lifetime soul-mate. Together, they will serve an entire world destined to experience unprecedented global catastrophe.

It may be fiction – or is it? Truly life often imitates art. Check out the book – its twists and turns will delight (and challenge) you!